Flow is a combination of flowing sequences that connect movement with breath.  These classes allow you to experience postures fully and to learn to incorporate modifications appropriate for your abilities.  

Emphasis is on cultivating and enjoying an inner calm throughout the practice.

Hips & Hamstrings

This class filled with huge hip openers and heavenly hamstring stretches. Starting with a short flow, to warm the body, and using lots of props to deepen your lower body stretch, this class is for anyone and everyone.  If you are a runner, a walker, a lifter, a cross fitter, a hiker, or a biker, driver, sitter, stander this class is for you!

Restore & Calm

Grown Up "nap-time".......sink into a beautiful Restorative class.  Be supported with pillows, blankets, bolsters, blocks and straps.  Aromatherapy Oil blends in the diffuser each class, and intentions, meditations and blend is all incorporated into a certain theme each week.

Energy Flow

For those looking for an extra challenge in their practice. Flow based class with extra strengthening and conditioning work.  A powerful class that gets both your body and your breath moving!


A fun and challenging class, concentrating on core strengthening, which will support the exploration and journey to more advanced poses including arm balances and inversions.

Yin (90 Minutes)

Yin Yoga explores deep stretching and meditative practices to enhance flexibility and joint mobility. Working into the connective tissue, this class moves slowly and gently and aims to reduce stress both in body and mind.

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